Thursday, 27 September 2012

Artwork Sneak Peek

"Water Colour Glass" art print from the Fragments range. White with Three.
I'm SO close to having my online art store open on Etsy! For the most part of this year I've been busy designing a collection of artwork prints that are a tribute to my love of colour and design. Here is a sneak peek from my first collection. As you can see I love both geometric and illustrative design that is simple and beautiful, and there will be a wide range of colour schemes available (including some listings where you can choose a custom colour!)

To start with the art will be available in A4-size prints, but I'm working on some smaller and larger sizes to join the party in the near future. They will be printed with archival pigment inks on a lovely 308gsm 100% cotton rag paper. In english that means the colours are silky and crisp, the paper is beautiful and the art will last a lifetime.

I'm also looking into having some designs printed onto fabric - can you imagine the artwork above printed as a beautiful silk scarf?

I'll keep you posted on progress... hopefully my Etsy store will be live in the next couple of weeks!

Hope you like,

"Tiny Triangles" art print - this one comes in four colour schemes. White with Three.

"Dachshund Sleep Study" art print. Eight different sleeping positions of my mini dachshund Rio all in one day!
I think he enjoyed being my model.
 White with Three.

"Surface of the Lake" art print from the Fragments range. White with Three.

"Botanical" art print - this one comes in six colour schemes. White with Three.

"Droplets" art print - shown in 'Lilac.' You can order this one in any colour! White with Three.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Curator of Lovely Things: Pastels

I haven't done a 'Curator of Lovely Things' since the 'Far Away' post back in June and thought it was time to do another! I'm loving pastel shades and want to colour-in my wardrobe and home with lemon, peach, rose, turquoise and mint. The colours are so lovely I can almost taste them. Reminds me of sorbet and sherbert! 

While it's still a little breezy in Melbourne at the moment, these colours have me dreaming of warm afternoons. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed finding all these lovely things. Read on to hear about my artwork print (No5!) and a couple of cute DIY ideas.


1. I'm loving 'boyshirts' at the moment, and this one made of a peach-coloured silk makes it so girly and soft. From my favourite shop in New York - Madewell

2. Pastel Geometric Triangle Cushion Cover in Organic Cotton by Neon Vintage Design via Etsy

3. Wayfarer Sunglasses with bamboo frame "Waiting for the Sun" by Miami via The Iconic

4. These heels come in pink and green - I want them both! Scout Heels by ASOS Salon

5. This is a little sneak peak of one of my artwork prints! The artwork I'll be selling is printed on a beautiful 308gsm 100% cotton rag paper with archival inks. The print shown above is A4 in size. I'm very close to having my online store on Etsy soon!

6. I thought this 'upcycled' pastel green owl was a really cute idea! You could virtually find any old figurine from an opshop (or maybe your old toybox?) and give it a coat of glossy paint in your favourite colour. So nice for your nursery (or a different baby gift for someone?) Or if you can't be bothered getting paint on your clothes you can buy this figurine from Blue Butterfly Vintage via Etsy

7. Ceramic 'Melon' knobs in Aqua by Anthropologie

8. Handmade aqua porcelain bowls by Suite One Studio via Etsy

9. Capricorn Printed Dress in a rose braiser on the lovely Madewell

10. This is another cute DIY idea - you could give some old doilys a lift by dying them! You can get fabric dye just from the grocery store or Spotlight. Or you can buy this lovely lilac doily from FaustaPink900 via Etsy

11. OPI Nail polish from the New York City Ballet collection

12. Mint geometric earrings by A Merry Mishap via Etsy

13. I discovered this lovely shop on Etsy recently that have whimsical vintage-style photographs. This tree print is titled 'That was just a Dream' available from Myan Soffia via Etsy

14. Ok so this is for the brave... and those with a claw-foot bath... The Flamenco Shower Curtain with fluffy ombre ruffles would be so inviting in the morning. I adore it. Available from Anthropologie

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Animal Print Shop

I recently discovered this online store with absolutely beautiful animal photography! The Animal Print Shop is the creation of Sharon Montrose - a sought-after commercial photographer who works for some of the world's biggest pet brands.

I'm not usually a fan of using animal photography as a decorating piece - but these are just heaven. I think it's the clean tinted background and slightly off-centre composition that makes them an art piece. I could mostly see them crowning a dresser or wall of a children's room - and there are lots of animals to choose from! I adore the goat, bunnies and baby zebu... (what ever a zebu is, it's cute!) I'll be buying a print for sure, but I just can't decide which one...

Make sure you check out the website here.


All images sourced from The Animal Print Shop.

The adorable baby zebu print.
I think this would be the perfect gift for my sister's twin daughters! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rhys Lee for Gorman

Artist Rhys Lee for Gorman - as seen on The Design Files

My eyes were greeted this morning with this post on The Design Files! This collaboration between fashion label Gorman and artist Rhys Lee has just added fuel to my I-want-to-be-a-fabric-designer-fire!

Read the whole gorgeous story on the Design Files here - I love the way they have Lisa Gorman and Rhys Lee (who are long time friends) interviewing each other.

Gorman is by far my favourite place to part with cash in Melbourne. Their range is always colourful and whimsical with a touch of unexpected. And it's not the first time this lovely label has teamed up with artists to create beautiful new fabric. In the past they have also called on the likes of Beci Orpin and Rachel Castle who I adore. 

That's enough gushing from me for now - but I'll be getting back to my designs this morning with a new spring in my step. Speaking of which, it won't be long until I have my very own prints online for sale - very exciting!


Beci Orpin for Gorman

Rachel Castle for Gorman

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I love my dress

I'm still basking in that lovely first-wedding-anniversary feeling. A close friend of mine suggested doing a wedding dress shoot - one year after the wedding! It was a chance to wear my beautiful dress again and get some un-hurried/un-flustered portrait photos that we didn't have time for on my wedding day. (I'm sure many brides could relate to the wedding day craziness?!!)

I know the 'Trash the Dress' shoot has become popular but that wasn't for me - this is far more my taste! We had a play with lighting, backdrops and accessories that showed off my art deco-style dress - and it was fun to have my hair different to what I originally wore, and try red lipstick too!

If you are like me and just loved your dress... I would urge you to try this out

Thank you to Janelle from Moments in Life Photography for photos I will keep for a lifetime.


(If you haven't already, you can take a look at photos from my wedding day here!)