Tuesday, 16 July 2013

7 vignettes: july

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day One: Celebration. Thought this approach was a bit left field! I spelled the words 'hooray' in twine and sprinkled colourful confetti all around - it was quite tricky to get right!

This month I participated in yet another 7 Vignettes Competition on Instagram as hosted by Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict. The idea is to take seven pictures over seven days - each day with a new word to inspire the shot. I absolutely loved participating just to see all the amazing entries by other creative ladies. I've had such a big response to my entries and so many lovely comments - I feel like I've made new friends and it's given me the burst of energy I really needed! To see the winner of this month take a look here (just ridiculously good!)

The 7 Vignettes Competition is held from the first day of every month - you can see my last entry (March) here. If you're on Instagram please pop over and say hello @kimmyhogan. Also take a look at @interiorsaddict and #7vignettes for some seriously beautiful entries and lots of talented 7-vignetters to follow!


7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Two: Favourite Colour. Yellow for me of course! The two photos are ones I took in South America, the 'Love Something' art is a screenprint I created last year, and the Banana illustration is one of my Etsy prints available here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Three: Stationery. I always get such nice compliments on my stationery when sending out art orders for my Etsy store! All orders receive a hand written note and are shipped in a super-cute labeled envelope. The art is my 'Triangles' art print available here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Four: Contrasting. I love this nook in my home and there are many contrasts here - the live plant and book of skulls, black and white, black and green, antique and new, hard and soft - and a contrast of cultures being the Mexican skulls, African wood carving and Asian framed menu.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Five: Winter. This was my most popular entry and you can see why with Rio making an appearance! The amazing Megan Morton even liked this photo - no doubt because her fabulous book 'I love my Room' is sitting in the picture ready for Rio to read!

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Six: Cheerful. Couldn't get much more cheery than my Rainbow Confetti art print assembled with a bright bunch of flowers! This print shown is my big A2 size in an Ikea frame. Print available in a range of sizes here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Seven: Cleaning. Now this was a hard one! After mucking around with the obvious cleaning items I decided to go for something a bit more abstract. This one got a lot of likes too. If only all messes were this pretty!

Monday, 8 July 2013

my bookshelf space

The entry to our home in Norman Park, Brisbane.

Yes, I know it's been so long since my last post - the last couple of months for me has been seriously crazy! I ended up leaving my fulltime job as I was basically working there every waking moment and had no time for my art and blog. So I'm back... I'm catching up on my art orders and loving being able to dedicate all my time into growing this business again.

I just wanted to share with you my little bookshelf space. It is just in the entryway of our home so it was important to me to have a nice quirky first impression. After discovering the Woolloongabba Antique Centre soon after we moved here we have found so many pieces for our home - including this bookshelf which was the perfect size for the space! I love the retro feel and colour of the timber. Scroll down for more pics and a few more details on what treasures I have used to make up this space.

Kimmy :)

I'm totally in love with this 'Devil's Ivy' plant - it brings such a pop of colour to the space, especially in the glossy black pot. 'The Book of Skulls' is an illustrated book I bought at The Design Files Open House in Melbourne - I don't usually go for skulls but was just mesmerised by this book! The African wood carving is actually a bookend and was given to me by my Aunty Phine who travelled in Africa over 40 years ago.

The framed art is actually the menu of my favourite restaurant in Melbourne, Chin Chin! Their branding is so fun - these were the paper 'place mats' with the menu on the opposite side. Now that we live in Brisbane it's nice to have these little reminders of Melbourne around the house... even if it does have me dreaming of kingfish sashimi and caramelised pork...

The old highway sign is from the Woolloongabba Antique Centre (of course), the 'N' and 'K' wood letters are vintage stamps we picked up at the Brooklyn Flea earlier this year (see my Brooklyn post) and the tiny fern looks super-cute sitting on the ledge bringing some life into the space. 

This is weird looking head is a 'Daruma' doll - a Japanese good luck symbol. I bought it at an antique store in Melbourne and was intrigued by the story - being that every year these heads are made from paper mache and the eyes first start off as two circles. Then someone colours the black circle inside one eye and makes a wish or 'goal' for that year and leaves the doll in their house - then every time they pass by and see this doll they notice the one eye missing and they are reminded of their goal the need to achieve. Once their goal or wish comes true they fill in the other eye. They then start the process again the following year! Seeing as this doll has two eyes I can assume that someone's wish came true. You can read more about these dolls here.

I love finding things from nature that you can put in the house as decoration!

Absolutely adore this pineapple bookend I bought at the Brooklyn Flea. It's very happy here holding up my favourite books including 'Find and Keep' by Beci Orpin.

These lovely shoes are now more for decoration than wearing... they are so uncomfortable! Need to toughen up and wear them in soon as they are too cute to just sit there on display.

We bought these maracas on our trip to South America last year and I'm not too sure where to display them yet. We picked them up in the seaside town of Santa Marta, Colombia. See my blog post here on that beautiful adventure.