Tuesday, 19 August 2014

this blog has moved!

Long time, no speak! So much has happened since my last post including having a baby and moving my blog over to my new website! I wanted one website where my project portfolio, blog and shop could live so head over and take a look www.kimmyhogan.com.au - my shop will launch later in the year! To see what I've been up to since I last blogged see my 'catch up' post here.

You can subscribe to my new blog via Bloglovin which is a cool site that allows you to get all your blogs via one email per day (sure to unclog your inbox!)

See you soon, Kimmy

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

plants make me happy

Post Bunnings Trip - so many pretties I couldn't stop at one!

As I continue to ruffle around my nest in Geelong things are really starting to come together. After much furniture hunting, picture hanging and riddle-solving it's really starting to feel like a home! I'd say the biggest transformation so far would be the addition of plants. There is something about their leafy goodness that really changes a space. I think plants trump all other decor and are quite cheap too.

I've had a walk around my home and taken photos of all our new little friends. I especially love the little plant above on my bedside next to the Sandra Eterovic print I bought recently - looks so mysterious peeking out from behind the bushes! I actually bought this print for the baby's room but I had to have it... pfft look at me stealing from my unborn child. I do have surplus art for the nursery though...

I've had a crush on the 'terrarium' trend for a while now so experimented with potting plants into glassware and just loved the results. I didn't go out and buy anything new - I just repurposed some unused vases and glasses! I don't know if this one below classifies as a terrarium as it's not enclosed in glass but a gold star for effort I say. Most of the plants I've chosen are succulents so I'll be conscious of making sure they get enough sun and take them out for a gathering on the back deck once in a while.

I'll be sure to share the rest of the house with you when it's ready. I have six weeks until my baby is due so there's nothing like a hard deadline to get things hurried along...


My first terrarium effort... I think the gold spray-painted lion really finishes it off! The painting to the right is the result of some of my gouache experimenting.

I love the mixing of plant types!

This little guy is on my desk. I love how you can see the earth and rock through the glass.

I found this plant stand at an antique store in Brisbane and finally found something to go in it! I freaking love that metallic gold pot with hairpin legs.

I placed the entire plastic pot into this antique tin - didn't bother actually repotting it in there.

This plant is actually a 'hanging' plant so his tentacles will surely start to grow down and spill over the bookcase... should look pretty. I picked up the little paper flag at Supergraph a couple of weekends ago.

Looove this gem vessel from Beneath the Sun. Sitting beside it are some maracas we bought in Colombia a couple of years ago.

This gorgeous plant really finished off this corner of the lounge and looks so nice next to this photo I took of a woman in Colombia - she was selling fruit on the street.

Another gold animal - couldn't resist.

This handsome thing sits on our tv cabinet... we chose a glossy plastic pot so it wasn't too heavy... and I don't think you could tell it was plastic at a glance!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

more new art!

Here is another sleep study to add to the mix - behold the French Bulldog! This is Marple who was more than happy to demonstrate all her favourite sleeping positions for her owner to photograph. Now available online here.

And I've been a busy bee with a couple of new prints going up online too! What do you think of these new colourful botanicals? (Below). Two colour variations available. The pastel one would be a dream in a little girl's room - but I have my eyes on the bold one for my office.

I'd better slow down on the new art creation as I'll be on maternity leave from the 19th March which is only 3 weeks away - eep! If you have been contemplating making any orders don't delay as I will most likely have about 6 months off!


Botanical Illustration in 'Pastel' colour scheme, available here in my store white with three.

 Botanical Illustration in 'Multi' colour scheme, available here in my store white with three.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

ice cream with gold sprinkles

Pink background "Ice Cream with Gold Sprinkles" available online here.

My first limited edition range! Who wouldn't love an ice cream with gold sprinkles? This has taken quite a bit of experimenting to get right - trying gold paint, gold pen and finally gold leaf to get this look. First I printed out my illustration on my fine art printer then added the gold leaf detail by hand (with glue and tweasers!) which makes them quite special! I also have a yellow background version and there will only be 10 available of each colour. Which is your favourite?

Available in my white with three Etsy store now :)


Close up of the pink version. You can see how the gold foil is crackly and imperfect - love it.

Yellow background "Ice Cream with Gold Sprinkles" available online here.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

supergraph melbourne 2014

How fantastic is this gianormous type installation?

You may have seen my posts on my Facebook page about Supergraph - the Contemporary Graphic Art Fair held in Melbourne over the weekend. I was quite chuffed to be part of the Etsy Australia booth who were displaying 20 Australian artists!! There were tonnes of exhibitors - some established artists and some emerging - and there were also lots of cool activities and workshops available over the weekend. I attended one of the workshops hosted by The Jacky Winter Group which discussed commercial illustration, licensing and usage fees which was super exciting for a design nerd like me :P

The Design Files did a fantastic interview with Supergraph creator Mikala Tai which you can read here.

Just wanted to share a few pics of the Fair with you - I managed to run around and take these snaps as the doors opened on Saturday morning before the crowds got there. Albeit they are iPhone photos, forgive me.


The Etsy Australia display.

Me, my 32-week pregnant belly and my Sleep Study art on display.

 Friend Anna of Hello Pants also had her fabulous prints on display with Etsy Australia.

Origami mountain-scape!

"Lamington Drive" is a component of The Jacky Winter Group where big-name artists sell limited edition prints. Look at that beautiful giant collage by Beci Orpin!

"Lamington Drive" display.

"Lamington Drive" display.

"Lamington Drive" display.

"Positive Posters" display.

Getting ready for The Jacky Winter Group masterclass. (How beautiful is this building?!)

A Beci Orpin original collage - all sorts of cuteness!

It was great to see Kitiya Palaskas' gorgeous pinatas up close!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

new 'mixed bag' art now online!

"Mixed Bag #1" now available online in my Etsy store white with three.

More new prints! I had so much fun doing these 'Mixed Bag' designs that are cute, quirky and full of colour! It could be seen more as a children/baby art but I personally am going to have the 'Mixed Bag #2' in my office! They are both such happy prints. Would love to hear which one is your favourite?
They are both available online now in my Etsy store white with three.

"Mixed Bag #2" now available online in my Etsy store white with three. (This one is going in my office!)

Close up detail of "Mixed Bag #2" now available online in my Etsy store white with three.