Tuesday, 29 January 2013

quick trip away

Ceiling of the Dubai international airport - where we are waiting for our flight to Frankfurt
Well this came out of the blue - but I just had to take the opportunity to tag along on my husband's work trip! First stop Frankfurt, Germany for three nights then on to New York where I will stay while my husband goes to Toronto. I can't wait to see my Aussie friends who live in Brooklyn who were kind enough to put us up for 11 nights just six months ago! I would never have dreamed we'd be back again so soon.

It's going to be freezing... especially in New York where the forecast is predicting a top of 1deg when we arrive there next Friday - eep! I've got my laptop and a bunch of art journals and look forward to undisturbed creative hours perhaps at the New York City Library or The Metropolitan Museum while my friends are at work. Take a look at my photos from my recent trip to New York here.

I think it's safe to say you can expect some travel photo posts soon.


Friday, 25 January 2013

lounge inspiration

Love the eclectic vibe and tufted button couch.  Source: Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst.
Delicious mis-matching cushions. Source: Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst.

Another tufted button couch with an eclectic vibe. Love the artwork on the wall - is it a Mary & Jesus painting? If so it's very South American and I love it. Source: Unknown.

I'm always so inspired by Vivian Mansour of ich & chi - this couch was a score off eBay! Too lucky.

Love the high arms and mis-matched cushions. Source: Brunch at Saks 
Tufted button couch with a more chic Moroccan vibe. Source: Coach Barn

Tufted button couch with colourful Moroccan / eclectic decor. (See a pattern happening here?) Source: That Bohemian Girl

Absolutely love this mixture of culture here - the Danish legs on that bench, the Moroccan/Indian-style cushions and the graphic artwork of Mary gives me a South American vibe! This is a look I'd really love to have in our home to show off all our treasures from around the world. See some photos from our recent South American adventure here. Source: Style Curator Blog

We have another small wall next to the couch and I'm thinking of finding a couple of antique chairs (perhaps even mis-matched) and placing them on an angle like this away from the wall. I think a small wine table could be nestled in between at the back or a tall lamp like that would make it a nice reading corner. Also LOVE the foot stool! I'm scouring eBay and Gumtree for foot stools at the moment! Source: Design Sponge

This is the actual couch we are getting! It has that lovely button tufting that I have a crush on but it's not too over-the-top regal and the beige colour will be a great canvas for splashing with colourful cushions and throws. This couch is the 'Tatler' from Oz Design. We have a very small wall available for the couch and this one comes in a two-seater which was the perfect measurement for our wall space. And it was on sale... yaow!
So this is where I'm at! We still have an empty lounge room as our couch is three weeks away... I just can't wait to start filling our home up with all these goodies so it starts to look like a home. All of these images (and more) are on my 'lounge' pinterest board so feel free to head over, follow me and see what I have in mind for the rest of our home :)


Monday, 21 January 2013

blank canvas

Here it is. Our new home in Brisbane is a lovely Queenslander that's filled with character and potential - a huge contrast to our modern Melbourne apartment!

Right now it's just a blank canvas and we are in desperate need of FURNITURE. We are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and eating dinner on the couch (which we need to get rid of as it's too big!) So it's actually a bit of a disaster zone right now but I'm so excited about styling this home from the ground up. I've been pinning madly and collecting the most inspiring images - I'll be sure to share my ideas with you as we slowly start buying the key pieces of furniture for our home. I'm really channelling a vintage vibe with this home... more of an eclectic, 'well-travelled' vintage that will display all our treasures we've collected from all over the world.

It's been lovely being back in Queensland - the sound of cicadas, the hot, balmy air and the tropical 'resort' feel this town has is just gorgeous. We are really enjoying exploring and discovering the creative little hot spots!

It's going to be a big year full of interior inspiration and creation and I look forward to taking you along for the ride.

I. Can't. Wait.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

so long, melbourne!

Dr Jekyll Cafe, St Kilda

So long Melbourne... we are moving to Brisbane!

We've only been in Melbourne for 18 months but it feels like home. Nick and I both grew up in North Queensland and never lived in a city before so it was a big and scary thing at the time we moved! But how quickly we fell into the Melbournian lifestyle - seeking warmth in the many bustling cafes, being inspired by the freaking cool people on the street (OH the fashion!!), eating some of the best food I've ever tasted... ever, and of course the art and culture that saturates every corner.

I have fallen head over heals for this place. Everything about this city encourages individuality, creativity and freedom. It's hard to explain, but I feel like Melbourne offers up your perfect life on a platter and says, 'take it'. While it breaks my heart to leave I am extremely grateful that we have got to experience the many layers and seasons of a Melbourne life. It has pulled me out of my shell and given me a new lease of life - things that I will take with me. The last 18 months has no doubt been the best time of our lives.

We fly to Brisbane in just two days! I am very excited about being back in my home state and getting to live in a beautiful Queenslander. Here in Melbourne we lived in an apartment so I can say with certainty that our mini dachshunds Honey & Rio will be very happy with their new backyard. I am really looking forward to styling our new home and sharing it with you on my blog!

If I were to start listing the highlights of my time here in Melbourne it would go on forever... so I thought it would be easier to show you in pictures just some of things that makes this city so dear to my heart.

Hope you enjoy,

The View from our apartment

The cafe culture

My idea of a perfect morning off - I'd stroll around to Fitzroy Street in St Kilda and decide which cafe I was going to hang out at and read my favourite mag Frankie.

Left: Little Mule, CBD. Right: The Drugstore, South Yarra.

A Beci Orpin mural at John Gorilla, Brunswick West. When my sister visited we made a special trip there just to see the mural as Beci is my fav... the coffee was great too! I love how art is so important to Melbournians.

Left: John Gorilla Cafe, Brunswick West. Right: There is a bunny in my coffee, at Manchester Press, CBD.

John Gorilla Cafe, Brunswick West.

My favourite restaurants

Oh Chin Chin, how I will miss you! Seriously... the best food I've ever... tasted... ever. We have been there about 15 times I think! My favs: kingfish sashimi, crispy barramundi and caramelised pork with apple, mint & coriander salad, and the palm sugar sundae for dessert. Chin Chin, CBD.

Golden Fields, St Kilda. This was just around the corner from our apartment!
And I will make a special mention to Coda, Gingerboy, Claypots, Cutler & Co, Mamasita, The Vegie Bar, Trippy Taco, Oriental Tea House (for the best dumplings and yum cha!), Olio and Baker D.Chirico.

The City

The GPO in the Bourke Street Mall has all my favourite clothing shops.

My hood, St Kilda

Nick with Honey & Rio on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda - going to get a woodfired pizza from Banff.

Acland Street, St Kilda - home to many cake shops! Seriously. Good.

My St Kilda instagram pics!

Honey & Rio loved Melbourne too

They loved summer the most, and enjoyed frolicking all over St Kilda.

They knew how to stay warm in winter though! Top left: Honey & Rio sporting their winter coats. Top right: Honey hanging out by the heater. Bottom left: I loved how cafes encourage you to bring your pups!

The leafy-flowery-ness

The National Gallery of Victoria

We went to many amazing exhibitions.

The Melbourne Cup

We were lucky enough to go twice!

 Randall & Spy: My hairdresser

My hairdresser Anton gave me the guts to chop the locks! That was a year ago now... and looking back makes me want to cut my hair again!

The Prahran Markets

Fresh fruit & vegies aplenty!

Road Tripping

The Yarra Valley was just an hour away.

Daylesford was about 1.5hours drive - a beautiful place!

Blogs I've discovered: The Design Files 

Melbournian Lucy Feagins, the creator of The Design Files. Photo by Sean Fennessy. This blog has lovingly fed my addiction of beautiful home interiors and art. If you aren't already a subscriber... get on it!
Lucy was the genius behind The Design Files Open House - where a local home is emptied then styled completely throughout so everything you see is for sale! I attended... twice. Photos above by Brooke Holm.

Blogs I've discovered: K is for Kani

Local girl Connie Cao of K is for Kani - she makes gorgeous headpieces and posts tonnes of quirky and creative outfits! This is from her De Novo post. Photo by 'Rowena'.
Left: from her Black Organza post. Right: the K is for Kani headpiece I bought from her Etsy store!

Artists I've discovered: Beci Orpin

Graphic designer, super-cool crafter, painter, collager, author. She is my fav. So inspiring to see someone make a career out of doing what she loves. Bottom left: 'Find & Keep' by Beci Orpin is an absolute must for craft-lovers. Photos as seen on The Design Files.

Artists I've discovered: Kirra Jamison

A magician with the paintbrush - Kirra dreams up the most whimsical and beautiful artworks. Gouache painting by Kirra Jamison, as seen on her website.
Gouache paintings by Kirra Jamison, as seen on her website.

Artists I've discovered: Miranda Skoczek

A creator of colourful paintings drenched in colour - many of her artworks feature animals, geometric shapes and abstract gushes of colour. Photos above as seen on The Design Files. Photos by Brooke Holm.

Art on the street:
It's everywhere you turn in Melbourne!

Shop Love: Fenton & Fenton

Fenton & Fenton, Prahran. Check out my 'Shop Love' post for lots of photos!

Scout House, St Kilda. I also did a 'Shop Love' post on this store! Check it out :) 

Second hand stores are everywhere.

My beloved Marimekko - I worked casually there just to soak up the beautiful home decor, fabric and clothes. Bottom left: I'll miss my fellow Marimekko crew! Bottom right: my Marimekko dress which was designed in 1967 - I wore it to the Melbourne Cup.

Another gorgeous second-hand store.

Oh, the fashion!

The Melbourne Fashion Festival was AMAZING!

My cute outfit for the Fashion Festival!

Gorman. Love. It has changed my wardrobe!
Alpha 60 - very 'Melbourne.'
Life with Bird. Super cool.

Zomp. Where the hipsters buy their shoes! 

And this concludes my illustrated 'why I love Melbourne' post. If you are visiting Melbourne make sure you go and check out some of these places!!