Friday, 25 January 2013

lounge inspiration

Love the eclectic vibe and tufted button couch.  Source: Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst.
Delicious mis-matching cushions. Source: Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst.

Another tufted button couch with an eclectic vibe. Love the artwork on the wall - is it a Mary & Jesus painting? If so it's very South American and I love it. Source: Unknown.

I'm always so inspired by Vivian Mansour of ich & chi - this couch was a score off eBay! Too lucky.

Love the high arms and mis-matched cushions. Source: Brunch at Saks 
Tufted button couch with a more chic Moroccan vibe. Source: Coach Barn

Tufted button couch with colourful Moroccan / eclectic decor. (See a pattern happening here?) Source: That Bohemian Girl

Absolutely love this mixture of culture here - the Danish legs on that bench, the Moroccan/Indian-style cushions and the graphic artwork of Mary gives me a South American vibe! This is a look I'd really love to have in our home to show off all our treasures from around the world. See some photos from our recent South American adventure here. Source: Style Curator Blog

We have another small wall next to the couch and I'm thinking of finding a couple of antique chairs (perhaps even mis-matched) and placing them on an angle like this away from the wall. I think a small wine table could be nestled in between at the back or a tall lamp like that would make it a nice reading corner. Also LOVE the foot stool! I'm scouring eBay and Gumtree for foot stools at the moment! Source: Design Sponge

This is the actual couch we are getting! It has that lovely button tufting that I have a crush on but it's not too over-the-top regal and the beige colour will be a great canvas for splashing with colourful cushions and throws. This couch is the 'Tatler' from Oz Design. We have a very small wall available for the couch and this one comes in a two-seater which was the perfect measurement for our wall space. And it was on sale... yaow!
So this is where I'm at! We still have an empty lounge room as our couch is three weeks away... I just can't wait to start filling our home up with all these goodies so it starts to look like a home. All of these images (and more) are on my 'lounge' pinterest board so feel free to head over, follow me and see what I have in mind for the rest of our home :)


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