Friday, 31 January 2014

my baby shower decorations and new art sneak peek!

What a crazy month! It's was a busy one with my baby shower last weekend in Townsville (my home town) so it's good to be back in Geelong where I can get around the house in comfy tights and tees. Travelling when 29 weeks pregnant is so tiresome! I'm happy to report I have no more flights/trips planned between now and Chicken's arrival - 14 April if running on time...

I wanted to share a few photos of my theming and decorations - a bit of a 'deconstructed' baby shower post. I'll share the photos of the actual day very soon and how it all came together! It was super lovely with lots of sugar!!

Upon designing my baby shower invite (above and below) I was inspired to create a whole new range of art which should be online in my white with three Etsy store very soon. Scroll to the bottom for a sneak peek!


The front of my baby shower invite which inspired a whole new range of art - it was a little bit cute.

The welcome sign I hung on the front door of the venue. I just printed this at home on A4 and mounted it to sticky foam core from Officeworks.

I bought little cookie cutters to add in to the lolly bags as a thank you to all my beautiful friends and family for their lovely gifts! I am loving the combo of aqua, yellow, navy and coral. I think this colour scheme will also be great for a unisex nursery.

I bought a heap of plastic animals off eBay and spray painted them gold! It was a bit of a disaster (with them remaining sticky... very sticky) but they looked so good! I sprinkled colourful pom poms which I bought in packs super cheap from Spotlight. Simple!

A sneak peek of some new art which will be available in my white with three Etsy store very soon - stay tuned!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

my holidays in instagram pictures

I squeezed out one more 'Sleep Study' illustration just before Christmas - meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! I've had great response from this one already!! View them all on my Etsy store here.

Welcome back to reality everyone... except for the lucky few who are still on holidays!

The end of 2013 was a crazy whirl of mass Etsy orders and present wrapping. My husband and I (with puppies in tow) spent Christmas and New Years up in Townsville with our families where I made the most of swimming and eating mango. Yes.

Just wanted to share some moments over the last few weeks via my instagram feed. I am on instagram more than anything else these days so please pop over and say hello if you haven't already! @kimmyhogan 

Hope your holidays were filled with special moments also :)


The calm before the storm. I treated myself to a coffee and some sort of ridiculously good date cake at 'A Spot for Joe' here in Geelong before I headed home to ship out all my final white with three orders for the year. The sugar and caffeine hit was essential. 

As a last minute idea I printed up some postcard-sized dachshund artworks to send as gifts with my Christmas orders! So many tea towels and dachshund prints going out - lets just say there would have been a lot of very happy dog lovers out there at Christmas!

Once my orders were shipped I got my wrap on. This year I used brown paper and gold foil dot stickers (which I bought at Officeworks) to create a polka dot effect. I then made some cute arrow gift tags to finish.

As an early 30th birthday present my husband surprised the beejeezers out of me with this amazing original gouache painting by one of my favourite artists Kirra Jamison. She was the star attraction at The Design Files Open House that I went to in December and could only imagine owning one of her paintings in my wildest dreams! How amazing is my husband? And as an extra treat Kirra regrammed this instagram photo with a little birthday message - EEP!!!!!

I was surprised on Christmas day with this stunning handmade cushion by my sister Katie. She bought the Frida Kahlo fabric then hand stitched detail all over it... it has taken her since March this year to complete! And she has twin girls!! #supermum

On New Year's Day we drove up to my Granny's farmhouse in Cordelia, North Queensland. This side of her house has been a crazy assortment of haphazard pots/plants/weeds for as long as I can remember. I loved being back there. The proof of our childhood is everywhere - even some of our 20 year old chalk drawings are still in the shed!

As a lover of the 7 Vignettes monthly instagram challenge I couldn't resist doing just one vignette to start off the New Year. The theme for this day was 'one'. My caption:
Day One of 2014 - year of the Horse. One baby kicking in my belly. One life changing experience ahead. One of life's greatest miracles. Won't have time to do all 7 Vignettes this month but couldn't resist this one! Happy New Year all 7 Vignetters!!

#regram! I got a lovely surprise on instagram this month when one of my fav instagrammers Mich @thecinnamonfox used one of my dachshund tea towels in her 7 Vignettes entry! This photo was for the tag word 'new'. You must go and check her out on instagram - I spy a 7 Vignettes winner this month!

Last day of my twenties. My husband and I threw a small party to celebrate both of our 30th birthdays while we were up in Townsville. I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and feel like I've won the lottery of life. This kicking little baby in my belly is the greatest thing I could have wished for - best birthday ever!