Thursday, 20 February 2014

ice cream with gold sprinkles

Pink background "Ice Cream with Gold Sprinkles" available online here.

My first limited edition range! Who wouldn't love an ice cream with gold sprinkles? This has taken quite a bit of experimenting to get right - trying gold paint, gold pen and finally gold leaf to get this look. First I printed out my illustration on my fine art printer then added the gold leaf detail by hand (with glue and tweasers!) which makes them quite special! I also have a yellow background version and there will only be 10 available of each colour. Which is your favourite?

Available in my white with three Etsy store now :)


Close up of the pink version. You can see how the gold foil is crackly and imperfect - love it.

Yellow background "Ice Cream with Gold Sprinkles" available online here.

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