Monday, 10 February 2014

my baby shower

As promised - here are some photos of my recent baby shower! Thank you to my sister Katie of Sweet Mary Photography for documenting this beautiful morning I shared with family and friends. I had the best fun decorating the morning tea with gold spray-painted animals, sprinklings of colourful pom poms and a Beci Orpin confetti wall! Not your average 'babyish' baby shower which is exactly what I was after :)


My dessert table - a crazy colour explosion! I got the idea for the confetti wall out of Beci Orpin's 'Find and Keep' DIY book. 

The giant sponge cake was topped with macarons.

The lolly bags contained a set of cookie-cutters as a thank you gift to my lovely friends and family.

The pinata was another Beci Orpin DIY activity from her more recent book 'Home'.

Most of the food was home made by friends and family so I had cute little food tags to let guests know who made what for that lovely home made feel.

I loved how the spray-painted gold animals turned out! And they looked dashing amongst sprinklings of colourful pom poms!

My lovely friends Lucie (left) and Angela (right). (And me rocking my Gorman dress which turned out to be a great maternity dress!)

Gorgeous girls Janelle with Ruby (left) and Anna (right)

The baby was giving guests plenty of kicks!

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  1. Such a gorgeous baby shower - we had an amazing time, thank you!! Absolutely loved the styling - your dress matched your theme too!