Tuesday, 16 July 2013

7 vignettes: july

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day One: Celebration. Thought this approach was a bit left field! I spelled the words 'hooray' in twine and sprinkled colourful confetti all around - it was quite tricky to get right!

This month I participated in yet another 7 Vignettes Competition on Instagram as hosted by Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict. The idea is to take seven pictures over seven days - each day with a new word to inspire the shot. I absolutely loved participating just to see all the amazing entries by other creative ladies. I've had such a big response to my entries and so many lovely comments - I feel like I've made new friends and it's given me the burst of energy I really needed! To see the winner of this month take a look here (just ridiculously good!)

The 7 Vignettes Competition is held from the first day of every month - you can see my last entry (March) here. If you're on Instagram please pop over and say hello @kimmyhogan. Also take a look at @interiorsaddict and #7vignettes for some seriously beautiful entries and lots of talented 7-vignetters to follow!


7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Two: Favourite Colour. Yellow for me of course! The two photos are ones I took in South America, the 'Love Something' art is a screenprint I created last year, and the Banana illustration is one of my Etsy prints available here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Three: Stationery. I always get such nice compliments on my stationery when sending out art orders for my Etsy store! All orders receive a hand written note and are shipped in a super-cute labeled envelope. The art is my 'Triangles' art print available here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Four: Contrasting. I love this nook in my home and there are many contrasts here - the live plant and book of skulls, black and white, black and green, antique and new, hard and soft - and a contrast of cultures being the Mexican skulls, African wood carving and Asian framed menu.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Five: Winter. This was my most popular entry and you can see why with Rio making an appearance! The amazing Megan Morton even liked this photo - no doubt because her fabulous book 'I love my Room' is sitting in the picture ready for Rio to read!

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Six: Cheerful. Couldn't get much more cheery than my Rainbow Confetti art print assembled with a bright bunch of flowers! This print shown is my big A2 size in an Ikea frame. Print available in a range of sizes here.

7 Vignettes Instagram Competition Day Seven: Cleaning. Now this was a hard one! After mucking around with the obvious cleaning items I decided to go for something a bit more abstract. This one got a lot of likes too. If only all messes were this pretty!

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