Thursday, 10 October 2013

my home - the final tour

Entry to our Norman Park home.

Well it's been a crazy year for me (to say the least) with busily filling my white with three art orders, running my freelance design business, working as a senior creative for a period of time earlier this year AND now throw in the 'you're moving to Geelong' factor! We just moved to Brisbane from Melbourne in January this year so it's taken quite a while for my husband Nick and I to settle in and get the house the way we like it... and now Nick's work is taking us across the country yet again! (This time to stay for a while thank goodness!)

Amongst all this we have been trying to get pregnant and after some highs and awful lows in our journey we are so happy to announce that we are expecting our first baby! So much happening... so much excitement.

Our pregnancy announcement photo taken by my talented sister Katie of Sweet Mary Photography. The cameo necklace is my mother's which Dad gave to her when they were engaged which she wore on her wedding day.

I will be sad to leave Brisbane though. I hadn't shared much of my home with you as it's taken us this long to get it to a point we're happy with! (Keep in mind we had to fully furnish it from the ground up - we came with nothing!). So I thought I'd better give you the tour of our home before our lovely things get packed into boxes next week. Our home in Geelong is a gorgeous little renovated cottage and I can't wait to share that with you once we settle in!

I am also working on some exciting new products which will be housed under a new label and website... more details will come over the next couple of months.


My office which is constantly transforming. This is where I fill my white with three art orders!

My office - I do most of my work behind the computer and love sitting in my new office chair. It's an Eames Replica from Milan Direct. The genuine sheepskin rug on the chair is from Ikea.

One of my prized possessions is this Beci Orpin collage art print (top) - hand signed! Also on my desk are a few watercolours I've been playing with... I'm still learning...

I love all the windows and natural light.

The holy Epson Fine Art Printer where I produce all my white with three prints! All orders are printed on demand so people can easily pick custom colours at no extra charge. Framed is my 'Lots of Sleepy Dachshunds' print in 'navy'. 

A few vintage goodies I picked up on our recent trip to Melbourne including a French keyring.

I love displaying herbs around the home as they last for ages! When in the water long enough they throw roots so it's nice to have living plants scattered around.

Love this 'Hektar' lamp from Ikea. The industrial side table is from the Woolloongabba Antique Centre (I'll miss that place!). The tall glass dome will remain empty until I find something that will fit in it!

I got this pair from an antique store for $120. Solid timber and newly covered in lush velvet. The giant rosary beads is from our trip to South America. The cushions are from Freedom.

Coffee table and side table from Freedom (though the plain timber one with the plant on it actually belongs to a nest of three - the other two tables we are using temporarily as bedsides!) The art above the couch was a splurge in South America - an original print by Guayasamin. We have named her Bruna.

Again - displaying herbs in a little vase! This one is Thai basil. The big woven tray was given to me by my father who works in Papua New Guinea. The white 'gem' vase with the fern is from Beneath the Sun.

Our bedroom - it's a bit underdone having only bought our bed and bedspread a few weeks ago... the bedspread is from Kip & Co - now I just need some of their amazing sheets and pillowcases to display! The bed is suffering from serious 'under-cushioning' at the moment. 

Our dresser is another Woolloongabba Antique Centre find. The framed art is one of my Fragments 'Garden View' prints.

A small part of my bottle collection (I'm slightly obsessed with bottles). The books and postcard are antique.

It took Nick and I ages to decide what to buy as a dining setting! We ate off our laps on the couch for MONTHS. I'm so glad we took our time as we are so happy with our decision! The table is from Freedom and the chairs are Bentwood Replicas from Matt Blatt.

I like to leave random things around that I've collected in our travels - like this newspaper from Japan! It just reminds me of how special all our adventures have been.

The guest room - bed and bedspread is from Ikea. The chair 'bedside' is from the Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

The print above the bed is one of my Banana Botanical prints in 'golden honey'.

Another Woolloongabba Antique Centre find - this 'Games for the Family' book is filled with gorgeous family activites!!

This mirror was carted all over South America in our luggage and somehow made it home unscathed! I loved it because it was so 'South American'. This plant stand was something I had been hunting for so long and guess where I found it... at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre! Now it just needs a pretty fern to crown it.

Honey and Rio have loved living here and I hope they like their new home in Geelong as much. Our herb garden is in the background which provides me endless 'foliage' to decorate the home... and sometimes to actually use in cooking!


  1. Oh Kimmy, your house is so, so lovely! The voyeur in me was so glad to see you posted photos of the full house - I knew I would love your styling and you didn't disappoint (I literally just saved a photo of your lounge room to use as inspiration when we move house).
    That's wonderful news on your pregnancy and your move although I'm sorry I never took the time to catch up with you. We could have gone for a wonder through the W'gabba antique centre and had a coffee at Crosstown!
    All the best xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Kate!! I am so flattered that you got so much inspiration from my home. I get to start all over again very soon! I can't believe we never got around to catching up. Please take care and stay in touch! I enjoy seeing what your dachshunds are up to one instagram :)
      Kimmy xo