Thursday, 14 November 2013

making a nest in geelong

Well... I'm here! Nick and I moved in to our cute little cottage in Geelong two weeks ago and it's been a little chaotic getting everything unpacked but the boxes have finally disappeared. We have a long way to go in really finessing all the knick-knackery and styling but for now it works! Just thought I'd share a few pics of the entry way and office which is now fully functioning with my printer being set up... I've shipped out quite a few of my white with three etsy orders now so that makes me feel right at home.

The weather is a tad different to Brisbane being a balmy 12deg at the moment (in the middle of November) but I must admit the cool weather is still a novelty to me. A novelty which didn't wear off even through two Melbourne winters... but we'll see how long that lasts...


I love the windows in the main bedroom and how the light comes across my new Kip & Co velvet bedspread (which is crying out for some nice cushions to adorn it). I have bought some new pillowcases from West Elm though which I can't wait to bust out.

Beyond the entryway is a nice-sized nook where the office lives.

The puppies sleep next to my desk and only move to change sleeping postion. Or to bolt to the kitchen if they hear me open tupperware.

The bookshelf is set up and there is a big blank wall that is desperate for some art. We are just renting but thankfully our real estate agents said to go nuts hanging anything anywhere as currently there are only two picture hooks in the entire house!!

Sneak peek of a little project I'm working on with my photography from South America last year... This photo was taken in Cartagena, Colombia... I get lost in this photo studying the streets and people.

Lots of art waiting to be hung!

Couldn't resist grabbing this snap of me in the mirror to show off my little belly. I'm 18 weeks now. Please don't mind the bed hair and tracksuit pants... the Marimekko top kind of makes up for it though?

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