Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Animal Print Shop

I recently discovered this online store with absolutely beautiful animal photography! The Animal Print Shop is the creation of Sharon Montrose - a sought-after commercial photographer who works for some of the world's biggest pet brands.

I'm not usually a fan of using animal photography as a decorating piece - but these are just heaven. I think it's the clean tinted background and slightly off-centre composition that makes them an art piece. I could mostly see them crowning a dresser or wall of a children's room - and there are lots of animals to choose from! I adore the goat, bunnies and baby zebu... (what ever a zebu is, it's cute!) I'll be buying a print for sure, but I just can't decide which one...

Make sure you check out the website here.


All images sourced from The Animal Print Shop.

The adorable baby zebu print.
I think this would be the perfect gift for my sister's twin daughters! 

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