Thursday, 12 December 2013

gifts for boys

Let's face it - boys can be hard to buy for. They don't lust over things like us girls, and they certainly don't have a Pinterest board that we can trawl through for present ideas. (Can you imagine it?) My husband's birthday was a couple of days ago and I got him a bunch of cute little things which I think were a bit more special than a Bunnings voucher (nothing against Bunnings). I thought I'd share this collection in a bid to help you with last minute stocking fillers for your other halves.

Going clockwise from top left:

  • Chin Chin Cook Book. It's our favourite Asian restaurant in Melbourne and they have somehow miraculously agreed to hand over all their secrets. Nick loves to get amongst it in the kitchen so this was perfect. Plus, I get to sample the finished product. 'Win win' I say. 
  • Bandana Pocket Square from Country Road. This was just a cute extra to use as wrapping (see pic below) along with the King of Hearts card which I poked into the present (pure cheese I know).
  • Traditional Cut Throat Shave from Captains of Industry. I did a bit of research to find someone who did it with good reviews and it was definitely worth the effort. He loved it! It's the man-version of getting pampered. This traditional-style 'barber shop' was complete with a 1950s reclining barber chair, hot towel treatment and cool quirky barber. I made this little gift box and 'ticket' for him instead of asking for a daggy gift voucher. Scroll down for a close up.
  • Navy Espadrilles from Country Road. A bit cute and cool for summer.
  • Custom Stamped Leather Key Ring by Marvellous. Gold Coast girl Emily makes a range of beautiful leather goods - all by hand! These key rings are available in lots of leather colours and she will hand stamp any words or message you want on the keyring and it's quite affordable. Scroll down for a close up!

Hope this gives you some good ideas for your sweetheart.


Chin Chin Cook Book - inside. My favourite starter - the Kingfish Sashimi. So good it should be illegal.

I turned a matchbox into a little gift box with a pretend 'ticket' to announce the cut throat shave and haircut that I had booked Nick in for. I drew the little icons then printed and wrapped it around the matchbox. I stuck the ticket to foamcore so it was nice and fat (and filled up the container!) And just to credit the actual barber - he didn't look anything like that.

 The custom leather keyring I had made by Marvellous. This side just has his initials 'NH' and on the other side I had a few secret code letters that stood for the nicknames I have for him.

I wrapped the keyring up with the Country Road pocket square and tucked in a King of Hearts card for a bit of cheese. Did look cute though.


  1. Kimmy, such an awesome post! I am requesting now that Nick cook from his Chin Chin cookbook next time we visit (please?!). Am also really loving the custom leather keyring - I may have to steal that idea from you. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing Kimmy, was looking for some shoes for Liam for xmas! His pair of Espadrille's arrived Friday just in time. You saved me researching and lots of time. x

    1. OH that is lovely to hear Marcelle! Hope Liam loved his new shoes!!