Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 vignettes

My photo for Day One: White. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition.
Wowzas - my first Instagram challenge! Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict is the stylish lady behind the 7 Vignettes Instagram Challenge. Each month Jen compiles a list of seven key words (as suggested by participants) and once the competition kicks off you must take a snap each day for seven days inspired by the key word. 

A 'vignette' is just a lovely collection of things and of course this competition is interior-inspired! Jen and her guest judge Darren Palmer from The Block have the very difficult task of picking a winner out of hundreds (thousands?) of entrants to win some great prizes. Hear more about the competition here.

When you post a pic on Instagram you simply tag the two judges and #7vignettes so your pic will pop up amongst the other entrants. Please do yourself a favour if you are on Instagram and search for the #7vignettes tag and be dazzled by the amazing pics - the entrants are incredible!

Best of all I've made heaps of new friends whilst participating in this competition and gained around 20 new followers! You can find me on Instagram under @kimmyhogan and be sure to check out @jenbishop_interiorsaddict while you're there. Keep scrolling to see my pics for the other inspired words.


My photo for Day Two: Circles. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition. This pic is inspired by my South American adventure last year with maracas, yellow beaded necklace, photo of a fruit cart and foreign coins all from Colombia.
My photo for Day Three: Paper. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition. This is my desk! I am a hoarder of all lovely design finds which I have placed all over my desk then covered in a clear plastic desk protector - now I can stare at these inspirational pieces all day long!
My photo for Day Four: My Colour Palette. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition. Of course it is Moroccan reds, plush pink velvets and metallic beaded cushions mixed with timber. I absolutely love this vintage Indian photo and frame I found - complete with old inky Hindi script on the back.
My photo for Day Five: Bathroom. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition.
My photo for Day Six: Geometric. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition. The first thing that came to mind was my very own 'Rainbow Confetti' art print - and it was a hit! Even one of the judges Darren Palmer commented 'beautiful' (so chuffed!).
My photo for Day Seven: Upcycled. "7 Vignettes" Instagram Competition. This antique chair is now a bedside table, I use the old bottle as a vase and the old crystal cup as a candle holder.

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