Monday, 4 June 2012

My little desk project

My first post - eep! I thought the best way to start my blog would be by showing you my little desk project. My husband and I rent a fully-furnished unit here in Melbourne and I've been struggling with the tiny desk space. I did my best to liven up the space without spending much money. I bought this new desk from Ikea which fits perfectly against that wall and relocated the messy shelves and coffee table. I began pinning up all my favourite bits and pieces I've collected onto this new corkboard - it was a great way to add colour without actually sticking anything to the wall - handy for renters!

Looking over these photos now I realise just how much I adore colour. This little space is just what I needed to start sharing my finds with you.

Hope you like, Kimmy


This is my new desk space after a much-needed spice up

My beloved MacBook Pro, sitting on this clear desk mat I found at Officeworks. Under which I've placed my favourite magazine pages.

This beautiful dish was a gift from my brother's recent trip to Dubai, which now holds many of the business cards I collect.

The 'Good Ideas' artwork was a rubber stamp I designed, and the 'Love Art?' postcard I designed for a local art shop.

I bought these interesting cups from the local opshop to hold bits and bobs.

I couldn't resist snapping this photo of my mini dachshund Honey - she was asking for her photo to be taken!

Desk from Ikea. Clear desk mat from Officeworks.


  1. Absolutely love the mood board!

  2. love love love... I've also started a little blog, although I finding it hard to keep it updated. You might find it interesting.


    1. Thanks Kasey! I just checked out your blog - super cute! And I love your babushka design. Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. ha I've just spent all morning updating it! You'vre inspired me to keep going!