Sunday, 5 May 2013

my little art space

My little art desk where I fill my art orders and play with new drawings and paintings. I love the industrial stool my husband found for me at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre! It's handy as I don't spend a lot of time at this desk as it's for filling orders and for playing - it's easy to get in and out of.

I'm still fiddling with the arrangement and framing choice of this bunch but this is where I'm at. Art from left to right, top to bottom: Vintage Apple print from the Brooklyn Flea, white with three customisable 'Texture of Morocco' in 'silk green', white with three 'Botanical Fruit' in 'colour scheme 4', four hearts prints, one of my own, not for sale but thinking about it..., white with three 'Organic Spots', Hand-made gocco 'Bear' print by Beci Orpin, bottom left is a photo I took in Cartagena (see more photos here), and lastly the 'Love Something' two colour hand-pulled screenprint I did at a course last year... still thinking about whether to sell this one as I have an edition of ten lying around!

Just some botanicals I'm playing with. I want to add a bit more intensity to this watercolour.

My botanical drawing - not sure what to do with it yet... maybe watercolour or maybe just pen and ink!

My office isn't complete without a dachshund lounging around. This is my little Honey who likes plush surfaces for napping. This chair I actually bought as a pair for $130 and they are in great condition. My desk is around the corner to the left but I don't even have an office chair yet so will share that space at a later date! I love the old casement windows that let so much natural light in.

Oh Honey Bunny. We bought the springbox skin back from Africa a few years ago.

The photobooth pic is from our wedding day! 

I do quite like the sweet little heart print - should I add it to my online store?

So I hope you like my space thus far - I still have to get an office chair for my other desk where the laptop magic happens, I've just carefully shot in a direction which cuts out the chaos that it currently is!

Will share more of my home soon


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  1. The illustrations look fab can't wait to see when they are done!