Monday, 1 April 2013

lovely long weekend

How did you spend your long weekend? 

Besides the sleeping in, chocolate for breakfast and long lunches my husband and I managed to find time to pot some baby herbs! These little fellas have been waiting to move into their new home for a couple of weeks now so I'm glad we finally got around to repotting them. Our two mini dachshunds Honey and Rio also provided their assistance throughout the process. Nick is better with plants than I am so hopefully under his care they'll live a long life and provide our meals with lots of herby-flavour-goodness. We chose basil, mint and coriander though it turns out the coriander is actually parsley! Haha if it weren't for the big 'parsley' label on the front it could have been anyone's mistake :P  We also potted a pretty indoor plant which I'll move into my office when she settles in to her new pot.

Since moving into our new home in Brisbane it's been quite a chaotic year with our impromptu overseas trip to Frankfurt and New York, and then landing a full time job as a senior creative at a great studio! So this means I'm filling artwork orders for my etsy store at night and on weekends but I promise to make time for more regular blog posts. If you hadn't seen my 'blank canvas' post click here to see how our home looked when we moved in... I'll get busy snapping at our progress to share with you.

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Enjoy the following photos, I think this turned into puppy photo shoot more than anything!!


I love it when Honey's ears flop down like this... it's why we call her 'Bunny' most of the time!

Rio trying out some creative angles for his portrait

The coriander which turned out to be parsley!
You can't tell me that Rio doesn't love the camera!
Rio making his getaway with an empty pot...

Oh gosh I just love him!

Nick and Bunny scouting a position for the pots
And here they are, I'll move my indoor plant inside once she settles into her pot!

Oh Bunny... 

I'm loving this space under the frangipani tree... We have an outdoor table we'll have to move so we can enjoy breakfast out here!

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  1. Sooooo love your dogs. Looks like you had a nice weekend!