Friday, 22 February 2013

brooklyn, baby

The Brooklyn Flea.
I have SO many photos from my recent trip to New York that it's just a tad too much for one post!

So first let me show you beautiful Brooklyn. Close Aussie friends of ours are lucky enough to call this leafy place home and lucky for us... they have a sofa bed. Brooklyn has an amazing art and food culture and was like a haven to come home to after the mad rush of Manhattan. And best of all it's home to the Brooklyn Flea - something I always read about on design blogs that to me was so out of reach and unfathomable - or perhaps it was just some mythical place? Well I'm happy to report it was definitely real and lived up to every expectation I had of it. The 'Winter Flea' is held in the old Williamsburg Savings Bank which is an incredibly beautiful, giant old building and thankfully a warm saviour to the below freezing temperatures outside.

There are hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of goodies from vintage clothing, art, photography, ceramics, antiques and furniture. We spent two hours wandering through the maze of little stalls (thanks boys for waiting) and I picked up quite a few lovely souvenirs from my Brooklyn Flea experience.

Scroll on to see why I love Brooklyn so much. Next stop - Manhattan!

Hope you enjoy these,

On our way to the Brooklyn Flea.
The Brooklyn 'Winter Flea' is held at One Hanson Place.

My new friend Matt of 'She hit Pause' had the most dreamy and whimsical photography for sale. He even GIFTED me one of his beautiful photo prints! I will have to show you where I have hung it in my home in a future post.

Shane & Jessie found this art print at the Brooklyn Flea! Really though, there is no need to gloat...
Jessie & Nick fossicking through old letter stamps.

The lovely Joan of 'Van Hees Vintage' sold me a gorgeous black and silver vintage mod dress.

Andre from 'A.Vanhoek-Retro-Optics' sold me a cute set of vintage specs... I mean, who wouldn't agree that he looks like an expert at this?!
Some of Andre's range.
Then we hit the streets of Brooklyn again for a walk and explore.
We went into a Steven Alan store and came across a copy of The Smith Journal! Quite cool to see an Aussie magazine stocked here.

If you're in Brooklyn you simply must go to Colonie...
...and get the monkey bread!! (the crazy caramel-topped dish on the right). 

Walking through the freshly fallen snow on the streets of Brooklyn.
Me and my sweetheart, Nick.
Jessie was a little excited to show us One Girl Cookies. Yep, it was as yummy as her face expression leads you to believe.

'By Brooklyn' is one of Jessie & Shane's favourite stores... everything inside is made in Brooklyn! Jessie bought us a jar of salted caramel which we have been happily drizzling over our ice cream since we got home...

Shane, Nick & Jessie doing their best 'Thriller' pose.


  1. Amazing photos Kimmy! Your blog is very inspiring... Looking forward to your next post!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Agreed, your photography is to die for.

  4. Hello! I just spotted you in the Ruffles and Cake issue... so glad to see I'm in such great company! Lovely space you have created here and your etsy store is full of gorgeousness :)

    I can't believe you dined with Jess at Colonie - we did too! We suggested it to Jess when we were there in November and we all loved it (I even took my toddler along and it was still great!). Isn't New York to die for?

    Take care,
    Claire x

    1. Like wise Claire! I love your story in the new mag but admit I've been a fan of your blog for a while! I love your style - if I still lived in Townsville I would have invited you over for a cuppa by now!

      That is so funny you know Jessie and Shane!! They are some of our closest friends and we have been lucky enough to visit them in New York twice already. New York... oh my gosh... I absolutely fell in love with it. I could move there in a heartbeat. Thanks for the tip on Colonie! The food was sooo yummy!!

      Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet one day
      Thanks, Kimmy :)

  5. HAHA you guys FOUND EACH OTHER!! Clair, we did dinner and it was delish but BRUNCH IS EVEN BETTER! They now know my by NAME and know i always bring Aussies along for some fun. Kim and Clair you guys HAVE to meet! Both very creative!