Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My favourite DIYs for summer!

DIY Leather Plant Hanger as seen on Design*Sponge. 
So easy and I've been wanting a plant hanger that's not daggy!

Say hello to some crafty projects that will fill your summer with homemade goodness! I love a good DIY idea and my favourite blogs are filled with little gems. I started to stockpile more ideas than my pencils and I could handle! And I just wanted to share this beautiful bunch with you.

They are all so creative yet simple and best of all you can tailor them to suit your individual style. You can get the look of a designer item and all it will cost you is a small amount of dollars and perhaps a new manicure.

I think it's perfect timing with Christmas approaching to get your craft on and gift your loved ones some homemade loveliness. So have your sticky tape at the ready and read on! I have a link for each project that you can click through for further how-to know-how, and while you're there check out all the other inspirational ideas on these blogs!

I hope you enjoy these. I will be sure to post any attempts I make at these projects!

DIY Ideas as featured on Design*Sponge, RealLiving Magazine, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Oh Hello Friend, Style Safai and A Beautiful Mess. Make sure you click around while you're visiting these amazing sites!

DIY Block-printed Chevron Fabric as seen on Design*Sponge.
I love the imperfections of the print - it looks so organic and natural. You could play with different shapes and colours too.

DIY Tape Stencil Stationery as seen on Design*Sponge. 
You could make a great collection of Christmas cards and gift tags with this idea.

DIY Tape Sponge Lamp as seen on Design*Sponge.
Very clever idea! I would be inclined to ditch the lamp though, I like it as an ornament of it's own.

DIY Plaster Coaster and Paint-Dipped Servers as seen in RealLiving Magazine.
I have already started this project! I am making my own plaster coasters... The plaster has set I just need to sand and paint them - I'm thinking different shades of pastel colours though the stark white is nice.

DIY Wooden Candle Holders as seen in RealLiving Magazine.
Might get Nick to help me with this one - I'm a bit hopeless with a saw!

DIY Hammered Spoon Placecards as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs.
How fancy does this look - and so easy! Might save this idea for a special dinner party.

DIY Summer in a Bag as seen on Oh Hello Friend.
What a cute Christmas gift idea! You could do any themed bag... perhaps some homemade cookies and tea for a friend?

DIY Simple Polka Dots as seen on Oh Hello Friend.
More gift bags! I love this simple polka-dot DIY - I could imagine putting spots all over my brown wrapping paper as well!

DIY Summer Succulent Garden as seen on Oh Hello Friend.
This is so fun! I am doing this!!! 

DIY Frame Tray as seen on Style Safari.
This is something you could probably whip up with items already in your house! You could frame a piece of your favourite fabric, some dried leaves or anything pretty in your home.

DIY Canvas Print at home as seen on A Beautiful Mess.
I can't believe this is the first I've heard of this? You can transfer a photo to canvas (or fabric) at home. I love the distressed look it creates.

DIY Foam Stamp as seen on A Beautiful Mess.
So simple and cute! This would be a great project that kids could get involved in too.

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  1. Love the idea of transferring photos to canvas! who knew!!